Compiler project: Miscellaneous announcements

Compiler project’s information

First of all, I want to Shayan at Clean Typecheck for his GSoC on adding type-checking and name resolution capabilities to Haskell-Source with Extensions. That will greatly facilitate writing the front-end.

Second, I may very well implement versions of Haskell pre-dating Haskell 98. After all, I got my hands on the preceding versions’ standards (see here), so why not do a old-standards compliant compiler…if that’s feasible, of course.

Lastly, I have chosen the name of the compiler. It shall be named lhc for, at your choice: Loïc’s Haskell Compiler, Lambda Haskell Compiler, a reference to the Large Hadron Collider, Light Haskell Compiler, Le Haskell Compiler, Last Haskell Compiler. An alternative spelling is λhc.
P.S. : The two last names are courtesy of a good friend, homer. Go bug him there !
P.P.S. : You avoided, amongst other more or less sane ideas, the THC.
P.P.P.S. : I’ll try, amongst other insane ideas, to enforce the alternative spelling as a possibility to call the compiler.

Other information

Ok, I forgot to celebrate my first Hackage package (that was hs-json-rpc)…I’ll redeem myself by celebrating my first contributions to a wider project in which I am not one of the founders (No, my contributions to Genetic Invasion don’t count for that milestone). Let’s get that show on the road!

I said “contributions”, so first contribution: I contributed a patch to Evolving Objects because the library didn’t compile with Visual C++ when OpenMP was used. I had this patch in a private version of the library, used to compile Genetic Invasion for Windows, but given that this private branch served exclusively under Windows, I didn’t knew that a terrible error in my modifications nuked compilation under Linux…I cleaned up the patch and submitted it once I became aware of that error.

Second one, I made a library proposal for GHC (see here). Nothing big, but it was a good introduction to Haskell’s library proposal process.